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Mark Steer

Anyone looking for help and advice on how to fast-track their business need look no further... highly recommended!

What You Get in My Email Coaching Programme:

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There are all kinds of issues that force us to ask for help. They are usually in one of these three categories...

1. We don't understand.

We read a manual or look over instructions - and we just don't "get it". It's written in another language (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally!). Whatever the case, we can't figure out how to get things done, and so we have to ask for help.

2. Something isn't working.

This is another biggie. Whatever we purchased or obtained just isn't working like we wanted or expected it to work. We need help getting REAL results, and so we put in a request for support.

3. Information is missing.

Have you ever received generalized information that wasn't specific enough that you could apply it to what YOU are dealing with? It sounds very good and probably would be helpful to a lot of people, but you just can't figure out how to put it into practice. Help please! Know what I mean?

Regardless of what kind of problem you are encountering, all of these things have one glaring thing in common. When you're facing one of these situations... You're stuck!

That's the REAL problem.

The end result is, you can't move forward. Until that issue is resolved, you're simply stuck. You need to clear it up so you can continue on and receive the benefit, result or enjoyment you were seeking in the first place.

In instances like these, it's always good to be able to have access to those who can get you unstuck. That is, to be able to ask questions and seek assistance with those who are qualified to help you out of a jam.

Now, in the case of something you've purchased that isn't working correctly, there is usually a warranty which entitles you to troubleshooting support and, if necessary, repair or replacement. But, what if you need help that isn't technical and isn't included in your purchase? What if you're stuck in your business?

I mean, there aren't many help desks you can contact where a world-class expert in the field will personally answer your questions. That's where I step into the picture...


Ask me ONE question per day, Monday-Thursday.

Send me an email about what you need help with

You will have exclusive access to me via email to ask me any question you have about your online business.

I have 36 years of business experience and I have been consulting and running an online business since 2001.  I am confident in my ability to help you.


Here are some of the areas that I can help you with

This is by no means exhaustive because I cannot possibly summarise 36 years of experience into one small paragraph!!!

  • Wordpress problems and configuring themes & plugins
  • Configuring membership scripts 
  • List building
  • Traffic generation
  • Sales funnel creation
  • Product creation & packaging
  • Setting up your product for affiliates
  • Video marketing

  • ​Copywriting
  • Graphics
  • Email marketing
  • Product launch strategy
  • Monitoring and testing 
  • Outsourcing
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • And much, much more!

My approach to problem solving

I am a professionally trained business consultant

Some problems cannot be solved by way of  simple email - they are simply too big!

I have been trained to break big problems down into phases, work-steps and tasks.  This means that you will get a systematic method for working through a big problem where this is necessary.

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I have admired Mark's work for some time and I recently got the opportunity to work with him in a professional capacity.

Mark's knowledge and professionalism is exactly what you need in a consultant. He is patient and has an eye for detail that makes such a difference in the end product.

His easy going style immediately puts you at ease​ and it was such a pleasure to work with him.  My product rocks now thanks to Mark and I am eternally grateful.

Tsahai de Silva

Definitely recommended for anyone who finally wants to start making an income online.

Donal Erdpohl

Extremely valuable offer.

This offer is stacked with so much value, and at a price that's simply amazing.

Too good to miss!​

Dean Holland

If you're a marketing newbie, this will save you at the very least about 3 years of marketing research (I know because I went through that myself) and I'm not even mentioning the amounts of money you will also save knowing first hand what to do, what to avoid and what to focus on.

Sergio Felix

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Normally $697 - Today Only $497 per month

No contracts - you can stop at any time.

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