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This simple process is capable of generating $87 every single day and it only takes 22 minutes to set-up.

It is 5-step ‘point-and-click’ simple and taps into a little known free traffic source which typically deducts 10% of the sale price in payment for the traffic AFTER each sale is made.

If that seems fair enough then read on…

First you will need a platform on which to sell. Just setting up a website can be a problem for many people but with this system it is as simple as point and click!

Sign up with ‘Shopify’ and you will get the first 14 days free – after that you can choose which package to join. They start at just $29 per month.

You then need to add the free App called Oberlo to your Shopify store. This app enables you to add products easily to your store.

Oberlo is a drop-shipping supplier who will complete all sourcing and deliveries of products so we do not have to touch any physical stock. This means that we have no up-front costs of purchasing stock, storing and insuring it or packaging and delivery costs. This is as easy as e-commerce gets!

After you have connected the Oberlo App to your store, you need to search for products using the App.

Decide which market demographic you are going to target e.g. women aged 18 to 30, and then choose products that will appeal to this market demographic.

The more products that you add, the more likely you will have something that appeals to your customer. As it is totally free to add products and the products and product details are automatically added into your Shopify store when you choose them, adding loads of products is easy to do.

Import each product you like but don’t second-guess the marketplace as you don’t yet know what will appeal to your prospects. You can optionally clean up the product title and tags for each of your products if you wish or just run with what the supplier gives you.

All color and size variants will be added in by the supplier thus saving you the time and effort of doing this yourself. You can choose your price or just run with the automated price.

After you have chosen your products, you will need to click a button entitled ‘Push All Products to Shop’. You will then be able to view the products in your shop and begin selling!

You now need to start sending traffic to your new store in order to make sales.

To do this you can connect automated ‘Sales Channel’ apps to your store. Within Shopify, simply click ‘Sales Channels’ and add the following Apps one by one by adding and connecting each sales channel:

  • Kik
  • Pinterest
  • Wanelo
  • Houzz
  • Wish
  • Amazon
  • Buzzfeed

These apps will send out automated bots to your Shopify store and place adverts in front of their traffic. (When you are setting up each sales channel, you will be asked to identify the type of audience and categories that match your products so they can send you relevant traffic.)

So just to recap:

  1. Register at Shopify (- set shipping at $5.99 and add in your payment method)
  2. Add in the Oberlo App as your drop-shipping agent
  3. Add products to your Shopify store – aim for a minimum of 50 but the more the merrier
  4. Add in your sales channel apps (- remember you only pay if you make a sale and keep the profit!)
  5. You start making sales – lets say you get an order for $40, you pay your supplier say $10 and keep the rest.

Don’t over complicate this method – this is as simple as it gets. How much you make depends on how many products you have and whether they appeal to the customers viewing your store. As it is free to test this, you have nothing to lose as long as your sales cover the Shopify fee.

Given how quickly this can be set up and the low cost of Shopify – free for 14 days and then starting at $29 per month, you have very little to lose and a lot to gain by experimenting with this method.


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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