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I expect that you are already aware of the copywriting 'magazine' strategy.  I have heard it myself many times before and it is therefore easy to dismiss with an 'I already know that' mindset and move on to the next thing.

I was listening to a webinar by Ryan Lee and he mentioned it again.  This time I actually took some action!

Basically, the strategy involves finding magazines in your niche and checking out their headline copy.  

In order to sell magazines, they need to employ the best copywriters in the industry and provide content that people want to buy.

If you are looking for content for your blog or perhaps a product idea, magazine content will give you some great ideas.  They reveal the topics that the magazine thinks will attract the most readers.

This is copy that sells - it has to or the magazine will go out of business.​

In the past you had to actually go to your local newsagents or library and manually do the research.  

Nowadays a simple Google search for 'your niche + magazines' and then look at the 'images' tab will bring up magazine cover images in your niche and you can then write down the headlines on the front cover.

I did a search for 'internet ​marketing' magazines and then spent 30 minutes jotting down headlines from the magazine covers and here is a list of ideas:

  • 3 Steps to ramp up any business online
  • 5 essential WordPress plugins
  • how I quit my day job
  • maximising your sales success
  • the state of the internet
  • getting more traffic
  • increase your sales by upsell
  • the key to successful web sales copy
  • lower Adwords cost per click rate
  • landing page metrics you need to know
  • increase conversion rate
  • maximise your email campaign
  • marketing with Pinterest
  • easy onsite SEO
  • 7 steps to get your partner to support your internet business dreams
  • your number one most important job as an internet marketer
  • Two keys for increasing your website conversions
  • The keys to success in making passive income
  • Getting the most out of Google
  • 8 greatest marketers of all time
  • Turn boring facts into exciting benefits
  • how to grow your email list
  • 9 golden rules for sexy copy
  • the end of 'guru-dom'
  • the new commandments of SEO
  • 16 reasons to be social media savvy
  • 29 ways to identify your perfect customers
  • convert your Facebook fans into paying customers
  • how to nurture and grow your business by building strong customer loyalty
  • how to manage your business online reputation
  • tools to create awesome content
  • test your online advertising
  • top 10 email marketing tools
  • how to use Google+ to give your business a competitive edge
  • Facebook landing pages
  • re-marketing adwords
  • build a top 100 blog in 12 months
  • Facebook targeting
  • Instagram marketing mastery
  • email marketing campaigns
  • free Youtube ads traffic secrets
  • tease don't tell
  • marketing lessons from Steve Jobs
  • re-marketing secrets
  • does size really matter?
  • does your business have a face on the internet?
  • Why being invisible online is fatal for your business
  • how to make your site mobile friendly (just a few simple tweaks will boost your profits)
  • social media marketing - essential facts your business NEEDs to know right now
  • tools to spy your online competition
  • top 10 shopping engines
  • keys to thriving and surviving
  • high converting headlines
  • dominate Google without SEO
  • what is a trip wire?
  • modern seo for 2015
  • marketing tips for Pinterest
  • grow your youtube channel views
  • optimising your blog articles
  • google maps business view
  • masteringyour niche and customer lifetime value
  • twitter best practices
  • how to acquire customers for just $1.25
  • avoid these top social media blunders
  • facebook ROI process
  • twitter best practices
  • 7 steps to 7 figures
  • essential copywriting questions
  • grow your blog visitors to 100k
  • animal proof your website
  • win the battle of the xxx
  • 5 facebook marketing tips
  • the role of email marketing
  • why people fail to make money online
  • split-test your way to profits
  • 14 big online marketing ideas - for businesses on a small budget
  • 6 powerful ways to get diehard facebook fans
  • when never to use a copywriter
  • the great puppy dog ambush
  • 7 costly email mistakes
  • how to detect duplicate content
  • content curation
  • how to claim your google+ local page
  • the perfect thank you page
  • 9 best seo plugins
  • landing page page design
  • traffic and list building like a pro
  • science of working harder
  • wordpress security - how to avoid being hacked
  • creating eye-catching display ads
  • eye-tracking insights
  • smart leadership lessons
  • split-test results
  • connect like a pro on linkedin

It didn't take me very long to do this research and I could have kept going a lot longer to create a much larger list.  

If I am ever looking for inspiration for creating content, I can just take a look at this list.

Also, the headlines can easily be adapted for whatever content I wish to write to give an instant 'hook' to make the readers at least open the post to read more.

I think that you will agree that this magazine strategy for copywriting is a great way to spice up our content​!  Do you have any tips or tricks for creating great copy?  If so, please comment below.


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