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build a buyers list

In this article about how to build a buyers list, I want to show you how to build a buyers list by using other people’s product promotions.

Why should we want to build a buyers list rather than a list created by offering a free offer?

The simple answer is that a buyers list will generate more sales than a list consisting of freebie seekers.

Of course, the initial conversion rate will be lower if you are asking your visitors to buy something (i.e. more visitors to a freebie squeeze page will optin) but you will be building a higher quality list.

Of course, a buyers list is usually created by selling your own products but it is possible to create a buyers list from other people’s products.

Here are two possible strategies:

Strategy 1

In this strategy, you first find a product to promote – preferably one you already know about and like.

Usually, the promoter will be offering a discount so you need to take note of the key elements of the offer including the discount.

Next create related bonuses that you can offer to incentivise someone to buy the affiliate product through your affiliate link.

Using these elements, create an affiliate promo page and preferably post it somewhere that already has targeted traffic such as the classified ads on a niche specific forum site.

When the potential buyer clicks on the buy button on the promo offer page it takes the visitor through to a pre-checkout page which reaffirms the key points of the offer and tells the buyer to return to this page to input their email address and payment ID to claim their bonus.

The buy button on this page has your affiliate link through to the affiliate offer.

In short, this is the system:

  • Find a product to promote
  • Create or find your offer-related bonuses
  • Find a place to post the affiliate promo page
  • Create the affiliate promo page
  • Create the pre-checkout page
  • Set-up the web optin form and deliver the bonus with your first email or send to a download page with further affiliate offers on it.
  • Send further offers and valuable content to your buyers email list to maintain your relationship and garner further sales.

There is a purpose built wordpress theme for creating your affiliate promo page with a 3 step process for your buyers to follow – I own this theme and it is excellent for this strategy but you will still have to find a way of sending traffic to your promo page to make it work:

Strategy 2

Find new upcoming product launches using a site like Muncheye and contact the product vendor and offer his/her buyers a relavent free bonus within the download page or membership site.

The product vendor has more value to offer to buyers and you get their buyers on your list when they claim your free bonus.  This is a win/win!

The system in short is:

  • Identify upcoming product launches
  • Create or find high-value related bonuses.
  • Approach the product vendor and say that you are willing to promote their product launch as an affiliate and could you also offer their buyers your free product-related bonus within their download area.
  • If the vendor agrees, send him the free offer copy and image to put his download area with a link to your optin page where his buyers can claim their bonus and then deliver the bonus after optin
  • Send further offers and valuable content to your buyers email list to maintain your relationship and garner further sales.


Both these strategies are simple, proven systems for creating buyers lists using other people’s product offers as the primary offer source.

Finding relevant bonuses to offer is not difficult if you either look around your hard disc or purchase a high-quality PLR product for a few dollars. Bonuses can be re-used with other promotions so the costs can be spread.

Hopefully, these two strategies show you how to build a buyers list through using simple strategies.


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