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Part of my traffic strategy is video marketing so I have recently been thinking about my branding with video intros.

It is very easy to get a sophisticated video intro from either or but in the end I decided to create a simple video intro of my own.

Personally I don’t like long video intros, as I always want to ‘get to the meat’ as quickly as possible and a video intro often stands in the way of that. Seeing the intro the first time is cool but it gets progressively less cool if you watch the same intro time after time!

I therefore decided on another route – buy a nice piece of music and make my own intros.

Here is an example of 10 second, 30 second and 43 second intros from the same piece of music with different backgrounds – all are ‘home-made’ by me.

These were simple to make and I think they are a little more sophisticated than a ‘whiz bang’ animated intro… but that’s just my personal taste. What do you think?


43 seconds in blue

30 seconds in green

10 seconds in orange

I would be interested in your comments and feedback on the topic of branding with video intros – do you like this style or do you think that something a little more whizzy is required?




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