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Another week has gone by in internet marketing paradise as I crawl inexorably closer to my goal of earning a $120,000 per annum income online.

John Thornhill posed the awkward question on Facebook ‘How many buy buttons do you have?’ (because this will correlate with your ability to earn an income online.)  I am pleased to say that I now have a number of products up on JVZoo, all with buy buttons and this week I added one more – List Building Renegade.   Here is my updated list of products.  I just need to get my backside in gear and market these.

I launched List Building Renegade as a WSO in November 2012 – whilst I only made around 26 sales, the experience of launching a WSO was invaluable.  On reflection, it has taken far too long for me to launch my next WSO, so next week I am going to start the process of launching The Way of the Warriors as a WSO to get some traffic into my funnel and see how it converts.  I will aim to do this by no later than the end of this month.

I did a mailing to my list about The Way of the Warriors about a month ago and had a 24% conversion rate and a $1.65 EPC – I hadn’t calculated these stats until Marc, my coach, asked me the $64million question about how my email had converted this week.  It made me realise that until you test your product in the marketplace, you really have no clue about how it will sell and it is just important to get it out there and then monitor the stats closely.

My First Solo Ad

I ordered a 100 click solo ad from Daniel Madeira, my fellow coaching friend and colleague.  I haven’t really ventured into paid traffic before but Daniel is someone I could trust to give me a fair shot.

As of last night I had 115 visits and 41 optins, which is a creditable performance on my first attempt – 36% conversion.

I split the traffic between 3 variations of my squeeze page and monitored results via Google Experiments (within Google Analytics – very easy to set up).  I was surprised to see that my third variation was converting at a much higher rate than the other two – it was the version I spent the least amount of time on preparing.  Again, it just goes to show  how you can’t prejudge what the market will like.

Daniel is also offering a competitive rate for solo ads to his fellow coaching students and it is well worth a try if you want to get some solo ad experience in a safe environment.  Daniel was helpful to me initially in sharpening up my squeeze pages.

Niche Cash Machine Blueprint

I also reviewed Niche Cash Machine Blueprint that has been created by Chris Ferrante, a fellow coaching student.  Chris has already created a successful online business in the pigeon racing niche and Niche Cash Machine Blueprint sets out exactly how he created that business.

Altogether, I thought it was a great product based on his actual experience, so I will definitely promote it when he launches it in due course.

FB Cash Fuse

Fellow coaching student Manie Amarie launched his epic product, FB Cash Fuse, this week.  This product is all about how businesses can leverage Facebook fan pages for profit.  The product is also a business-in-a-box, because you could also provide a Facebook fan page service to other businesses.

Manie has been meticulous and focused in his approach to launching this product which should do well. It has been very useful for me working with Manie on this project – just seeing how professional he is in his approach was an education to me.

FB Cash Fuse is a highly polished jewel, whereas my products are perhaps rough diamonds in comparison!

Manie has paid to get his sales letter created and his graphics have also been purchased from a full-time graphics designer – nothing has been left to chance and he deserves to succeed.

I on the other hand have created everything myself which is not what my coach advocates and shows my reluctance to outsource any aspect!  My strategy is to try to create multiple products as quickly as possible to see what works in the marketplace and then expand on that.

The Optimize Press 2.0 Launch

Optimize Press 2.0 launched last week.  Frankly, I was disappointed by the price point and it gave me pause for  thought.

I have loads of WordPress themes and forking out another large wad of cash on a theme (even though it is a very good one) seemed a little extravagant.  Rob Cornish wrote an article about how he was not recommending Optimize Press 2.0 and it made my mind up NOT to purchase it.

I like and respect Rob – I met him at Alex Jeffreys Live Event earlier this year.  He is definitely one of the good guys who offers his honest opinion and his content is always top notch.

I am amazed that I made this decision because I have been looking forward to OP2.0 for a long time.  However, I feel James Dyson is being a little greedy with his price point.

I have been using the Membersonic Theme to create my latest membership sites – it is responsive, has 4 navigation features, and I have the developers license. (Plus I can plugin in 44 child themes to the Genesis Framework on which it is built!)  All this for $20 compared to $297 plus VAT for OP 2.0 – I don’t think so!

I think this decision also reflects the fact that  my mindset has moved from being a ‘buyer’ to a being a ‘seller’ of products.

Tony Shepherd – My New Anti-Hero

One of Rob Cornish’s emails alerted me to Tony Shepherds Newsletter – you can get 12 old copies for $9.95 (normally $17 p.m.).  The bundle is entitled ‘87 Internet Marketing Strategies That I Use To Bring Money Into My Business Every Month‘. There are some real gems amongst his newsletters and it was well worth the small investment to get these.

I also love Tony Shepherd’s direct and earthy style – he is based in Burnley and I can almost hear his Northern accent in his writing.  I am going to study his style and technique as it is something I would like to model myself (- although I also need to be true myself!)

Interestingly, most of his products have a price-point of only $9.95 and he appears to be doing very well with his business.  (It also looks to be a lot of fun for him!!)

All Is NOT Well in Internet Marketing Paradise!

I took my wife to a doctors appointment as she is having blood pressure problems.  Before her appointment, I quickly had a blood pressure check myself.

I was shocked to get a reading of 200 over 110!!

Oh SH1T!

Oh SH1T!

My wife was pulling my leg about it but after her appointment she was not laughing because she had exactly the same reading as me!

Looks like a change of lifestyle is needed by us both because these are critical readings – the doctor told my wife that she should be signed off work with a reading like that.

Just shows that you must not neglect your health in favour of your business.  I don’t want a golden coffin!

Membership Millionaires Bootcamp

This product is proceeding nicely – I hope to complete it next week.  I am basically recording how I create this membership site so someone else can replicate my system for creating membership products.

This is how the site looks at present:

Membership Millionaires Bootcamp

Packaged with the training will be the key pieces of software – the membership plugin and theme – that I use to create the site.  As this software can be used to create unlimited personal products, I feel confident that it will be an attractive proposition – you can see my draft sales letter here.

So with that, I end another enjoyable week in internet marketing paradise. (Let’s hope I live long enough to see another one!)


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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