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‘What is your number one burning question?’ This is the question posed by one of the internet gurus on his blog and here is a snapshot of the comments he received back.

If you are looking for a product to create, then here is a list of potential projects for you – they are all real questions from people that need help.

I can answer most of them but which one to start with?  Here are my quick answers… I hope they are not too flippant but brevity is required with this many questions!

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  • Q: How do you overcome procrastination & motivate yourself to do what you need to do for your business? A:  I have monthly and daily goals and I prepare a ‘To-Do’ list each night for the next day with my prioritised tasks.  These fit into a wider strategic framework.
  • Q: How about lean product development? A:  My product creation process is set out in my product Product Creation Renegade
  • Q: What do you find is the most successful/reliable way of building a list?  A: I have set out my list-building strategies in List Building Renegade
  • Q: Information overload that’s my main issue now.  A: You need clarity on the exact strategy that you need to follow – in reality it is quite simple and is set out in my product The Way of The Warriors
  • Q: How to avoid the temptation of another shiny object A: Once you have decided that you are now a vendor, rather than a buyer, and you have a clear strategy, then it is important to only buy products that will help you to implement your strategy.
  • Q: Improving sales funnel conversions A: I have a free eBook called Sales Funnel Supremacy about sales funnels and a product called Measure n Manage about how to set up your management information systems
  • Q: A really simple explanation of how to create a facebook fan page in step by step portions A: Google it and you will find any number of videos showing you how to do this!
  • Q: How about how to create a sales page using whichever software you are using at the moment? A: I have 3 ways of producing squeeze pages and sales pages – Optimize Press Theme version 1.0, Instabuilder plugin and Paper Template plugin – they are all different and I use whichever one best fits my task.  The most flexible one is Instabuilder. Each theme has tutorials about configuring them.
  • Q: How to decide what tasks you are going to do to build your online business, and how to plan them out for maximum productivity. A:  You need a vision and strategic framework for your business – this is covered in my products The Sky Inside and Business Storyboards
  • Q: I’d love to hear about how you can forward plan financially when it comes to internet marketing – is it even possible?  A: Yes, you can reverse engineer your goals to understand what you need to achieve on a daily basis and then create a plan – this is process covered in Business Storyboards
  • Q: Everybody needs traffic – perhaps you could advise/show what you consider to be the best way of getting free traffic, and the best source of paid for traffic.  A:  There is no such thing as ‘free’ traffic – time is money and free traffic methods therefore have a cost attached to them.  After you have evaluated the true cost of ‘free’ traffic by assigning a value to your time, I recommend looking at traffic sources such as affiliate recruitment, Facebook Ads, Video Marketing (including promoted YouTube videos) and Webinars using Google Hangouts as good ways of driving traffic.  Do what the gurus do (not what they say you should do).
  • Q: How do you make videos using camtasia and the system requirements? A:  This is covered in Product Creation Renegade but Techsmith (the creators of Camtasia) have plenty of free tutorials as well
  • Q: Finding a profitable niche, thats one more of my problems…  A: You want a niche (or preferably a sub-niche) where there are plenty of people looking to solve problems and there are people selling products to solve them – this proves that there is a viable market and there is no reason why you should not at least carve out a segment of the market.  If you buy the top products in the mareket and study them you will quickly achieve a high level of expert knowledge in whatever niche you choose.
  • Q: How to get the best out of oDesk!  A:  Specify your project in as much detail as possible, get quotes and then pick your freelancer based on the feedback and ranking of the previous business owners who have used their services.  Use common sense and tread with care.
  • Q: How to do screencast videos  A:  This is covered in a lot of detail in one of the bonuses in Product Creation Renegade  .  You will be shown all the options for this.
  • Q: 1.Identifying and producing a product 2. Producing the sales literature 3. Directing the product to the market A:   See Product Creation Renegade above!
  • Q: How to stand out from the crowd?  A:  Be a prolific and high-quality product creator and market your content widely and with skill
  • Q: Having set up a website how to stay on the right side of the law ie what polices?  A:  Model your Disclaimer, Terms and Privacy pages on the top guys in your niche.  There is a cookie law in Europe – you can get free ‘cookie’ plugins that will help you to cover this.
  • Q: How to keep personal details private for contact information i.e not giving home address  A:  You need to be transparent about who you are if you are selling products online but you could use an accommodation address like a Post Box address if you are worried about this or ideally set up a limited liability company.
  • Q: How to upload a file so that it can be downloaded (where and how)  A:  I upload my files Amason S3 and their Cloud – this is fully set out in my product WP Website Wizard  together with all my knowledge and tutorials about using WordPress to deliver information and products.
  • Q: How to set up a Fanpage to link to own website to drive traffic.  A:  Just make a post in your Fan Page that links to a page or post on your website that makes an offer
  • Q: I need to learn how build 3 pages #1squeeze page #2 signup page and a way give something away for signing up#3 a landing page or capture page.  A:  Covered in my product List Building Renegade
  • Q: Top 10 SIMPLE ways to drive the right traffic to your site  A:  SEO blog posts, comments on other peoples blogs with link to your site, comments on forums with link in forum signature to your site, youtube videos with link to your site, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, paid solo ads, Google Hangouts, Facebook posts, Warrior Special Offers.
  • Q: How to choose the right products to promote e.g. Affiliate products  A:  I only promote those products that I use and like – it lacks integrity if you promote a product without knowing much about it!
  • Q: A topic worth covering I think is advising people how to put a plan together.  A:  This is covered in Business Storyboards
  • Q: I would really love to know your TOP recommended ‘Must Do’ Marketing Tasks which you do weekly/or on a regular basis in order to move your business on and which also have a direct link towards improving your ‘bottom line’ …. Rather than those ‘housekeeping’ tasks which are a must do but don’t really affect how our business is performing.  A:  I have 3 core tasks that must be done daily – traffic generation, product/content creation and email marketing.
  • Q: How to set up a WordPress webpage for a Podcast. Where to find easy plug and play templates?  A:  I use a plugin called Blubrry Powerpress to play my podcasts with a feed to iTunes but Josh Bartlett of Easy Video Suite is launching a product for podcasting soon (called Audello) that will be well-worth looking at!
  • Q: I would appreciate if you wrote about how to choose a product that could serve as your freebie for collecting email addresses.  A: Your freebie should preferably be a one problem/one solution product addressing a pressing general problem in your chosen niche
  • Q: What do you think is the best way to start an online business  A:  The exact strategy is set-out in The Way of the Warriors
  • Q: How to motivate yourself/myself and do stuff! How do you create good content when your’re in the doldrums  A:  You need a clear vision of how you want to improve the lives of other people and why this important to you on a personal level – see my product The Sky Inside
  • Q: I would like you to explain the whole blogging thing. I have set up a blog page on the website mentioned above, but how do I link that to a newsletter and list. And how to create traffic and what should I give it for free ? A:  This question is a bit muddled but List Building Renegade would help to answer this question
  • Q: I think the biggest problem would be procrastination and focus  A:  Covered in detail by 2 eBooks in The Sky Inside product
  • Q: I have read that software is one of the best things to be in but how do you determine what is needed and be a good seller.  A:  Covered by an ebook written by a 7-figure marketer – one of the bonuses in Product Creation Renegade!
  • Q: Personally speaking I’d to know more on how to set a website up.  A:  I created WP Website Wizard to address this specific question!
  • Q: Seeing that we’re just past the first week of 2014, I’d be interested in hearing what sort of planning process you go through at the beginning of the year. How do you go about assessing what you’ve accomplished in the previous year, determining what your goals are for the upcoming year, and figure out how you’re going to accomplish them (and anything else that’s part of your planning process)?  A: See Business Storyboards and one of the earlier posts on this blog
  • Q: I’d like to see a review of membership plugins for WordPress, particularly those that have it all: membership, affiliate program, shopping cart,  A:  I stand by the Membersonic plugin – this is covered by my product Membership Millionaires Bootcamp
  • Q: I need to know how best to set up a file to be downloaded by customers. I’ve tried one or two WordPress plugins and I cannot fathom how to use them properly. I’ve also signed up for Amazon S3 where I’m also struggling to know what to do.  A: This is covered in WP Website Wizard
  • Q: How to stay motivated when things just don’t happen  A: Get support from my colleagues online – they understand what you are going through and are often very supportive.
  • Q: I think I would like here you explain how to add pages to your website and talk about some tip on writing a BIO.  A:  See WP Website Wizard
  • Q: I would like to see a step by step tutorial on creating videos using camtasia.  A:  Answered above!
  • Q: Also tips on overcoming lack of self confidence in business which leads to procrastination and feelings of fear.  A: This is all about having the right mindset – covered in The Sky Inside
  • Q: Can you please post a list of recommended reading? I’d love to know what’s on your bookshelf that you’ve really got lots out of when it comes to implementing into your business strategy.A:  I will address this in a future post.
  • Q: I’d be surprised if there weren’t quite a few others who’d like to know more about developing software, in particular the research side and briefing developers.  A:  There is a great product called Plugin Creation Blueprint that covers this in massive detail.
  • Q: For me it would be choosing a WordPress theme, what to look for etc. A:  It is important to get a premium Theme with a nice design and well-supported in my opinion – Optimize Press, themes by Studio Press and Woo themes fit this bill.  Alternatively, try and buy one of the popular themes there. For membership sites I favour the Membersonic Theme because it is flexible with plenty of navigation options amongst its features – it was built with membership sites in mind.
  • A: Personally I want to see more of: – how to add a product on clickbank (set up affiliate with member plugin)  – How to specificly get in contact with influential people (joint venture) A:  Covered by tutorials in


And your number one burning question is?  Please comment below and let me know yours!


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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