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Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Tips That Work

I recently consumed a training where a 16 year old was making $10,000 a month from 759 email subscribers. I had to look at this training to find out how he was doing it.

Here are some of the email marketing tips and tricks I learned:

Build A Relationship With Your Email Subscribers

When someone opts into your list have 7 days of content-rich emails before you start promoting offers to your new subscriber. It is called seeding them with love.

He sending one email a day for 7 days straight and the last couple of days will be teaser content that leads into an offer on the eighth day.​

Use Pre-sale Emails

For each offer have 3 pre-sale emails that give valuable content to boost conversions when you introduce the offer.

The first email can state the problem. The second email can state the offer as a solution, and the third email can give more info on the offer and lead into an upcoming launch.

Sell High-Ticket Offers

The easiest way to make $1,000 is to sell something for $1,000.

You can create your own high ticket offers, or you can even promote someone else’s offer as an affiliate​

Use Scarcity To Generate Urgency

The scarcity can be generated by a price increase or dime-sale or it could be that the offer is closing down shortly or a bonus that is only available for a few hours or days.

Add Bonuses Into Your Affiliate Promotions

It gives people a reason to buy through your affiliate link rather than someone else’s and that’s really why this works so well.

Bonuses can be created from PLR (Private Label Rights material), your own related products or future products that you are due to launch soon.

Use Curiosity In Your Email Marketing

Inject curiosity into your emails. Curiosity will drive people to open, click, and buy so that’s really important.

Just don’t give too much away in your subject lines or emails, give them a reason to click to find out more and this will really boost your open rates and click through rates.

Highlight The Link

Bold the affiliate link so that it stands out in the email and makes it clear what you want them to click.

Make Your Sender Name Standout In Their Inbox

You can do this by putting a symbol like a star at each end of your name.

Mailing Frequency

Send emails every day because most people check their emails daily and buy daily so you may as well be in there with a chance that they will read your email and click your link. 

An email a day keeps bankruptcy away. Every day that you don’t mail is a day that you’re losing money.

Follow-up Unopened Emails

Send a follow-up email to people who did not open up your email with 'Re:' and your previous email subject line.  Then in the first sentence say 

“Hey, I noticed that you missed my last email. This is a really great opportunity and it won’t last forever so I just don’t want you to miss out,” and then have a line and continue the rest of the email.

Give A Reason For Mailing Them

Give them a reason in your email why you are emailing them today so that it does not appear as spam.

Keep Doing What Works

If you find an offer that is making you money, keep mailing for it until it stops making money.  In other words, keep doing what works.

The Unsubscribes Strategy

Reduce 'unsubscribes' by adding 20 spaces below your signature so that the unsubscribe link falls below the fold.

Survey Your List

Send a survey to your list to find out what they want and give it to them.  You can doi this in Get Response and Google Docs has a survey option.  Survey Monkey is also a possible option.  This boosts your relationships and your delivery rates.  You can also drive them to an offer after your survey.

Reviving Your List

Give them 7 days of just content emails to refresh them before promoting again.  You will find that your conversion rates rise.

Everything Leads To A Sale

Even content emails can lead to a sale.  It may be priming the reader for a promotion or just a link to an offer below your signature but 'always be selling.'

Create An Avatar Of Your Ideal Customer

You can create empathy and trust by identifying your ideal customer and writing your emails specifically to your avatar or ideal customer.

Let them know that you’ve been in their position, you know what it’s like to struggle with that stuff but you’ve got the solution.​

Stay Tuned

Build anticipation for your next email.  You can do this by ending on a cliffhanger and say 'Stay tuned for my next email' to tee them up for your next email.

Crazy Subject Lines

Use crazy and funny subject lines to get your email opened like 'Screw You Google!'

If you can implement some or all of these strategies into your email marketing, perhaps you too can be making $10,000 from just 759 email subscribers!


Mark Salmon is an internet marketing consultant. Mark creates digital information products about starting and building an online business. Prior to starting his online business, Mark was a corporate banker based in the UK, then ran a business consultancy for around 8 years before deciding that his future was internet marketing. You can connect with Mark at: Mark's Google Plus Page Mark's Facebook Fan Page Mark's YouTube Channel Mark's Blog

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